Majestic Mara SWF

(ZT Marwteyn × Focus Vejora)

2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Colt

The Stonewall Look.......
From the moment I laid eyes on this colt I believed he was something special. Now, a year later I know he will one day be a sire of importance,  says David. 
A pedigree filled with the most beautiful Arabian horses in the world. 


ZT Marwteyn Marwan Al Shaqab Gazal Al Shaqab Anaza El Farid
Little Liza Fame Fame VF+
ZT Ludjteyna Ludjin El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal
*Lydira El Shaklan
Shahteyna Bey Shah+
TW Forteyna
Focus Vejora Focus Veejor Focus Fanali Ruminaja Ali
Focus Fancy Lady
Focus Khemadoll Focus Khemali
Focus Doella
Focus Fascination Focus Alimus Ruminaja Ali
Focus Doella
Focus In Fashion Focus Shali
Focus Fancy Lady