Photo Gallery

2020 Exploring Arizona

The state of Arizona is one that features a fantastic diversity of landscapes and areas of geological interest. North Arizona

2020 San Diego Trip

Spending time on the coast is one of our favorite past times and ways to relax. San Diego is one of our favorite places to visit,

Morocco 2018

We started our trip in the beautiful city of El Jadida which is is a port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco,  located

Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz Island 2018

We love taking weekend get-aways during the hot Arizona summer. Of course Californina is one of our favorites places to

Brazil 2018

We had an amazing fun-filled trip to Brazil where we attended the 2018 Brazilian Arabian Nationals Show and the

The incredible landscaping at Stonewall Farm

Moving from Michigan to Scottsdale was a little hard on my green thumb. I (David) have always had lush beautiful gardens

Fun Pics 2017

The biggest  adventure  you can take is to live the  life  of your dreams. 

Our Trip to Utah & Colorado 2017

We had an amazing road trip in early October 2017, just in time to see the leaves changing colors. First stop was Moab Utah,

Cleveland 2017

We had a  super fun trip to Clevland for Hunter’s 4th Birthday. Always great spending time with family and celebrating special

Fun 2016 Pics

We love sharing our adventures! 

Scottland A first time trip to Scotland, such a beautiful and historic country. It was an amazing trip, a bit cold but so much fun! 
Crater Lake Oregon Crater Lake inspires awe. Native Americans witnessed it form 7,700 years ago, when a violent eruption triggered the collapse
Northern California An incredibly beautiful trip to Mendocino California that included a visit to the famous Glass Beach. Then we headed north
A visit to Arabian Soul near Mexico City A super fun and exciting weekend with the Arabian Soul gang, Michael Byatt and his daughter Hannah. A incredibly beautiful
Fun times with David & Chase Much like David, Chase is always ready for his picture to be taken! A fun time for us! Thank you to our friend Kelly Campbell
2015 Scottsdale Show Open House Our Open House during the 2015 Scottsdale Show was one of the best we have every had. The horses all looked and performed their
2013 Arabhorse Farm Tours We had an amazing Open House during the 2013 Arabhorse Farm Tours, wonderful warm weather, great food, some of the most beautiful
The Hampton Classic 2013  A premier destination for horse people, the Classic is a much-anticipated stop on the summer tour. The Hampton Classic