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December 20, 2012

Lots and lots of activity on the farm as we prepare for our big open house with the Arabhorse.com Farm Tours. This is always a very special event for SWF as we meet so many new people who are just getting their first opportunity to visit an Arabian horse farm or even see an Arabian horse up close for the first time. Cynthia Culbertson will be talking about the bred characteristics of the Arabian and what makes them different from other breeds. Since SWF is a breeding farm we also like to show a family, talk about the dam and her offspring. This year we have chosen Ivory LaVita E Bella and her incredible foals. We will also be presenting a group of outstanding breeding and show mares available as well as some young show stock. As always Marque will be the grand finale, he loves closing a great show!

Speaking of Marque, we are so thrilled and honored that the Dubai Arabian Stud will be using Marque for their amazing collection of mares. Wow, even Marque was excited, especially when he found out he would have to bred more! ;-)

Our 2012 foal crop is in the barn and getting ready for the 2013 Scottsdale Show. We can hardly wait, six colts Marsai Mara SWF, Marzuk SWF, Marzon SWF (all Marque son's), Bravo SWF, Jericho SWF (Jagger son's) and Kareem SWF are all in the Scottsdale Signature Yearling Colt class. Isabella SWF is in the Scottsdale Signature Auction class. Marquessa Bey SWF is in the SSS Yearling Filly class and Eliza Bey SWF is in the SSS Two-Year-old filly class. What a show it will be for SWF!

When some horses come into our lives we cant imagine them anywhere else. That was the case with the mare Miss Pryme Tyme, she is the sweetest most kind mare we have experienced in a long time. Miss PT (as we call her) came to live at SWF just as we were just getting to know our new friends Dennis & Toni Pierce of Quintessa Arabians. Toni was immediately drawn to MIss PT's beauty and charming affectionate personality. On every visit Toni would ask if I wanted to sell Miss PT and of course the answer would be "no"! As time went Quintessa aquired 50% interest in PT. This past spring Miss PT and Marque gave Quintessa Arabians a beautiful colt and as things would be Miss PT is now a foundation mare for the newly formed Quintessa Arabians. Miss Pryme Tyme will now live out the rest of her life with Toni and Dennis, being loved and spoiled rotten, like teh rest of the Quintessa herd. We are very grateful for our friends at Quintessa and their love of the Arabian horse. Congratulations to Miss PT!

This past October was a very exciting month for SWF. The past few years we had taken a little break from the show-ring and considering what fun we had last year at the Arabian Breeders Final we decided this year we would enter some of our favorites. All of our horses did us proud:

Bravo SWF - Silver Champion Weanling Colt
Marzuk SWF - Top Five Weanling Colt
Ivory LaVita E Bella - Top Five 7-9 year old mares
Focus Vejora - Top Five Aged Mares

Our friends the Dubai Arabian Stud had great success with two of the foals purchased last year through SWF. Paradisso was Gold Champion Junior Yearling Colt and Silver Champion Junior Colt. RAH Rosalia was Gold Champion Senior Yearling Filly. Great times it was! We also want ti thank the SWF staff for the fantastic job of fitting up the horses, Michael Carpio for overseeing the conditioning of the horses. Terry Holmes for the super super job of schooling, you make teaching weanling to stand and pose look easy and a huge 'Thank you" to Terry and Andy Sellman for the flawless job you did of presenting our equine family! Awesome awesome awesome job by everyone, we are so proud! Can't wait till next year!

Jumeriah Rose is in the foaling stall now, she is the first to go. We are looking forward to a beautiful grey filly out of her by ZT Marwteyn and then another grey filly by Justin (Rohara Extrem Justice) out of Natalia Bey...... So excited for the foaling season!

Merry Christmas,



April 25, 2012

The journey of breeding Arabian horses brings the complete range of human emotions into play.  In our sixteen years we have experienced the thrill of winning a National Championship and the excitement and anticipation of seeing next year’s foal crop.  But we have also known the heartache and sadness of saying goodbye to the special mare that inspired our journey and created a lifelong love affair with the Arabian horse.

For SWF, BB Flamingo Rose was the epitome of true Arabian type.  She was also our best friend and the firm foundation that built the Stonewall Farm breeding program.  “BB” produced seventeen foals during her life, and she produced them the old-fashioned way – carrying each one herself.  She also confirmed our belief in the importance of starting any breeding program with the very best mares possible.  Although we said goodbye to this great mare in November 2011, she honored us with the wonderful daughters and granddaughters that remain at Stonewall Farm to continue her legacy.

Loss is difficult for all of us, yet moving forward and new beginnings are also a part of the healing process.  Although BB Flamingo Rose can never be replaced, SWF is thrilled to welcome one of the world’s most influential mares to Stonewall Farm – Vona Sher-Reana, dam of the “Champion Maker” WH Justice.  Along with Vona Sher-Reana, I am pleased to welcome two more exciting mares to Stonewall Farm – her sister Shervasta (El Sher-Mann x Shaikhinah Glory by Shaikh Al Badi) and Eternalove  (Eternety x Vona Sher-Reana), a half-sister to WH Justice.

Stonewall Farm is proud to have been the first in the USA to breed to both WH Justice and his son Ajman Moniscione.  These two incredible stallions have had a significant impact on our breeding program and we are extremely happy to welcome the wellspring of their greatness, Vona Sher-Reana.

Thank you so very, very much to Vona Huggins for entrusting Stonewall Farm with Vona Sher-Reana and her family.  The amazing journey continues!

Another great spring has come, foaling season and breeding season is in full swing. As of this news update we have had seven foals, five colts and two fillies and have two more coming! We are extremely pleased with the overall quality of our foals and look forward to showing some of them at this years Breeders Final show in October here in Scottsdale.

Breeding season has been moving full steam ahead, we are already off and running with a new of mares already checked in foal. So far this year we have:

Jumeriah Rose SWF x ZT Marwteyn
Natalia Bey x Rohara Extrem Justice
Focus Vejora x Rohara Etrem Justice
Miss Psyche x L A Karat
Marrakech SWF x Pogram
Shervasta x Rohara Extrem Justice
Nadina Bey SWF x Jagger SWF
PC Scarlet Lace x Rohara Extrem Justice

This year we used two outside stallions, the beautiful ZT Marwteyn. We bred to Marwteyn because of his gorgeous dam line, we are a big fan of Ludjin El Jamaal and look forward to bringing this blood into our program. Pogram is another stallion that we are very excited to bred to this year. When we first saw him at Midwest during the Arabhorse.com Farm Tours we fell in love with not just his beauty but is overall excellent conformation. We have also bred a few of our mares to our junior stallion Rohara Extrem Justice (we call him Justin), and we eagerly await his first foals. We fell in love with Justin when he was just a yearling at Rohara Arabians, we are so grateful to Roxann Hart for giving us the opportunity to own this incredible young colt. 

Happy breeding & foaling,

Stonewall Farm