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October 10, 2010

It appears that summer is finally over and we are so much looking forward to fall. This past foaling season was our biggest and best ever. At the time of this update we are waiting on one final recipient mare to give birth to a foal sired by Marque and out of the exquisite mare Fer Mia. We will have a total of 22 foals on the ground in 2010 for our clients, Dubai Arabian Stud, Al Shahania Stud and of course our own Stonewall Farm Arabians. Many of our friends and a few Arabian breeders have asked us (half joking and half serious!) if we’re crazy! While we have experienced many sleepless nights and missed many of our favorite horse shows all over the world, we wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Birth after birth of each precious new foal was an experience that has truly reminded us why we became breeders. Through the ups and downs of breeding and foaling we are still proud breeders of the most beautiful breed in the world, the purebred Arabian horse!
Recently we had the opportunity to witness history in the making. We watched as a beautiful, delicate bay filly was born. She lay quietly in the sweet, fresh bedding, still wet from her birth. She looked at her surroundings, uncertain yet unafraid. There was a huge sigh of relief from David, her caretaker, when the filly finally stood and nursed from the mare. The people present looked on in sheer wonder, not just at the beauty of the foal, but also at her very existence. This filly was sired by the straight Egyptian legend Ruminaja Ali, a stallion that passed away August 29th, 1997, almost 13 years ago!
This foal is the result of a tremendous effort by numerous people working together to achieve a common goal. Scientists developed a procedure called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or OCSI. Through this procedure, a doctor manipulates a harvested oocyte (egg) by injecting it with one individual sperm cell. Until now, the viability of frozen semen has been limited. Often the quality of the cells has been reduced to the point that it was considered unusable. This new technology allows doctors to successfully fertilize an oocyte utilizing the semen of living stallions, as well as frozen semen from stallions that are deceased. The fertilized oocyte is then placed into a surrogate mare. This procedure presents unprecedented possibilities to breed to the great sires of the past, including the legendary Ruminaja Ali. To read more about the incredible foals sired by Ruminaja Ali click here
Watching the first of Dubai Arabian Stud's Ruminaja Ali foals explore her world, validated all of the efforts and resources expended to give her life. Her beauty, character, and quality were evident; but her ultimate destiny, her contributions to the breed, require still more patience. David explains:
 "Mohamed Al Tawidi has been very thoughtful and very methodical in mapping out a plan for the Dubai Arabian Stud breeding program. There is a definite goal, but it does not have a deadline because the breeding program is constantly evolving. He is taking measured steps toward the goal to become a source for the finest Arabian horses in the world. This filly by Ruminaja Ali is not just a step - she is a leap forward for Dubai Stud's program. I have always considered Ruminaja Ali to be one of the most important sires of the century. The influence he established through his sons and daughters keeps growing with every new foal crop and each new generation. Mohamed Al Tawidi also acknowledge Ruminaja Ali's contributions and is doing everything he can to bring that bloodline back, and stronger than ever. We have so much to gain. Just look at his sons and daughters and the quality they have added to the breed today. It's amazing!"
In our May news we had several different immediate plans for our breeding program but sometimes mother nature and our mares have a different idea. Listed below are the foals the mares of Stonewall Farm will produce for us in 2011:
Miss Psyche x WH Justice
Natalia Bey x WH Justice 
Natalia Bey x Ajman Moniscione
Scarlett Lace x Ajman Moniscione
Focus Veejora x LA Karat
F Cognacs Fantasy x LA Karat
Marrakech x Royal Colors (for Dubai Arabian Stud)
Bint Hadiyyah x Royal Colours (for Dubai Arabian Stud)
Bint Hadiyyah x Ruminaja Ali (for Dubai Arabian Stud)

With the cooler temperatures finally here we know that the Scottsdale season is right around the corner. We have been very busy building our beautiful facility and look forward to sharing it and our amazing Arabians with you. We welcome your visit anytime.

Your friends,

Stonewall Farm


May 9, 2010

As with any breeding farm the most exciting time of the year is spring when the new foals are born and mares are being bred for the following year. This year is certainly no exception, Stonewall Farm is very pleased with our 2010 foal crop. Of course we would have liked to have more fillies but when the quality is high and they are healthy that’s more important to us.

2010 Foals:

Grey Colt (Selket Marque x F Cognacs Fantasy)
Grey Colt (MA Shadow El Sher x F Cognacs Fantasy)
Grey Colt (MA Shadow El Sher x SWF Desert Rose)
Grey Filly (Om El Exquisit x SWF Marrakech )
Bay Colt (Selket Marque x Ultimate Monisah)

Breeding season is officially here, we have been very busy breeding our mares for 2011 foals. We are very pleased to announce that Natalia Bey (pictured below) has produced an embryo for us by WH Justice and her recipient mare is good and in foal! Natlaia was also bred to Ajman Moniscone and will carry that foal.

WH Justice

Natalia Bey

Ajman Moniscione

Focus Vejora is being bred to Gazal Al Shaqab (et) and will carry a foal by Marque.
SWF Marrakech and Ajman Moniscione
Ultimate Monisah and Ajman Moniscione
Focus Peralta and Selket Marque
Bint Hadiyyah and Ansata Nile Echo

Miss Psyche will be bred to the recently imported LA Karat, a son of WH Justice. Miss Psyche has crossed very well on the Justice line and we look forward to this foal. Sure to be another superstar.

The Arabian Breeders World Cup has come and gone what an amazing show this has developed into. Miss Ali Anna SWF was Top Ten in a very competitive Yearling Filly class and Marianno SWF (pictured below) was Top Five in the Auction Futurity class with yours truly showing him! This was David's first time back in the show-ring since showing SWF Desert Rose back in 2003…… wow how time flys!  We had a fantastic time in Vegas and look forward to next year! Especially the Gala!!!


We are very pleased to announce that Al Nakeel will be calling Shada Arabians his home for the remainder of 2010. Niki as well call him will be returning to Scottsdale in December 2010 ready to take the world by storm! We are offering a very limited number of breedings for the 2010 breeding season.
We have been working on the new Stonewall Farm Web site and hope to unveil that very soon.

Thanks for visiting us and we hope to see you again,

Stonewall Farm


March 20, 2010

Yippy……….. the Scottsdale show is over and we have survived! With all of the friends from around the globe coming to town for the show, we always have a fantastic time.  

On Thursday the 18th Stonewall Farm hosted an open house.  We had a fantastic time presenting our beautiful collection of mares to some of the world’s most respected breeders. Unlike many of the farms here in Scottsdale, Stonewall Farm is a breeding facility. So we presented our horses in family groups. The first mare that was presented was of course the one who started it all for us, the incredible  BB Flamingo Rose. At the young age of 28 and in full winter coat, she immediately won the hearts of all in attendance. Along with BB we presented her daughters; F Cogancs Fantasy and Desert Rose SWF. Our guests said it was truly a treat to see these three mares in the ring together. We then brought into the ring Empress of Marwan, a granddaughter of F Cognac’s Fantasy and Jumeriah Rose, a daughter of Desert Rose SWF. Again guests said this was a very impressive group and we could not have been more proud.

We then presented our Psyche Collection; Miss Psyche, Natalia Bey and Magna Psyche, they were followed by our Focus collection; Focus Peralta and the sisters, Focus Starlet and Focus Vejora. We are so proud of these amazing mares, they each put on a fantastic show and wowed the crowd. Wrapping up the presentation for the grand finally was the incredible Marque! He loves a crowd and enjoys teasing with the girls! 

To view additional photos of our Open House click here

We would like to congratulate the following on their purchase of some of the finest Arabian horses in the world. Congratulations to: 

All Shahania Stud on the purchase of Miss Ali Anna, one of the most beautiful daughters of WH Justice, and out of one of Stonewall Farm’s best mares, Miss Psyche. 

Miss Ali Anna SWF

Marlana SWF

Magna Psyche

Congratulations to the “Great White London Limited” group on the purchase of Magna Psyche, a daughter of Padrons Psyche and the only full sister in the world to International superstar Magnum Psyche. She will be making her new home in Italy. Also joining Magna in Italy is her daughter, Marlana SWF sired by Marque. Marlana is Marque’s first born foal. Congratulations again to the “Great White London Limited” group.

Thank you to Dan Lowe for his continued support, Rihanna will be making her way to her new home in beautiful Colorado later this month.

Breeding and foaling season is in full swing. Our first foal of the year was born, a beautiful grey colt sired by Marque and out of F Congacs Fantasy. This little guy has colt written all over him, he has the most amazing attitude and what a gorgeous face! We hope to have photos very soon.  Four more foals to go.

Thank you for visiting us on-line and we hope to see you here at Stonewall Farm sometime soon.

Stonewall Farm


January 25, 2010

The past few months have been like a blur for us here at Stonewall Farm Arabians. So many wonderful exciting things keeping us busy and on our toes! In December we visited Paris, one of our favorites cities in the world for the Salon De Cheval. The show was fantastic, although the new facility is pretty far from the center of the city it was a great change from the previous facility. The horses were of course amazing, and of course when you are in Paris in December with the most beautiful horses in the world how could you not love it!

One of the highlights or our trip to Paris was the big win on Saturday when Ladi Veronica was named Reserve World Champion. She looked amazing, and truly "wowed" the crowd with her beauty and fantastic movement. Then on Sunday afternoon one horse owned the ring and that was Royal Colours......the  "2009 World Champion Stallion". Royal had spent the summer under the management of Stonewall Farm here in the USA to be collected and frozen at CSU. He returned to our friend Paolo Capecci in Italy to begin his training again for his biggest competition ever.  Needless to say Royal looked amazing, every part a world champion. Congratulations to Dubai Stud for sharing this incredible stallion with us and Paolo for his sensational job in showing Royal, what a team!

Our good friend Paul Hedges and our new friend Gaby Masoud from the beautiful land down under came to visit us in Scottsdale. We had a really great time showing off the foals of 2009, our mares and of course Marque. We took a weekend trip over to the the other "Valley of the Arabian horse" Santa Ynze. Which happens to be one of our most favorite get-a-ways. Henry and Christie Metz of Silver Maple Farm are the greatest hosts and visiting our friends at Day Dream Arabians and Om El Arab International is always a treat. 

We had our first "Open House" and although mother nature did not give us the warmest day, we had an excellent group attend. We offered our guest something a little different then most of the other farms. Since we are a breeding farm and not a training farm we decide to share with our guest our "first" family. The first horse to be presented along with her two daughters was our foundation mare BB Flamingo Rose, at 28  BB looks amazing and is in very good health for a mare her age. Following BB's presentation was her two daughters, and then her granddaughters and sons. We presented a few of our most famous mares and then it was "Marque" time! What a very special time for all of us here at SWF, this was Marque's first time he was presented before an audience since he broke his leg three years ago. He was fantastic, a complete gentlemen and such a showoff. Marque was presented then five of his foals and then we brought back Marque. This was such a treat for us all and for our guest to see Marque, his progeny and the mares that have produced such beautiful foals for us. Thank you to all who attended and for those who were not able we hope to see you next year.

The rest of the New Year Weekend, was a huge success for the Arabian Horse Network's Farm Tours. We were amazed at the amount of people in attendance, wanting to get a first glimpse of the Scottsdale contenders and the new comers wanting to discover all they can about the incredible Arabian horse.

The International shows got under way with the hugely successful Ajman Arabian Horse Show in Ajman, U.A.E and hosted by Sheikh Ammar.The Ajman Arabian Horse Show was a beautiful exhibition of the Arabian horse. With the night sky & moon as the backdrop, the most beautiful Arabian horses competed for the prestigious title of Ajman Champion.  


From Ajman it was off to Kuwait to visit several breeders there and see some hidden gems. We highly recommend paying a visit to Kuwait, the people are extremely kind and very hospitable. The farms and breeding programs they are establishing are something amazing.  We started our visit at the beautiful Ezzain Arabians owned by Usama Al Kazemi.  The farm is the most stunning you may ever see and the horses themselves are as beautiful as you will find anywhere.  Usamah was our host all week and made our visit very special.  He took extra good care to make sure we visited many breeders in the area, such as Al Safinat Farm, owned by Khaled Ben Shokor and Al Sharg/Al Rayah stud, owned by lifelong friends Talal and Alaa.

A visit to Kuwait would not be complete without seeing Bait Al Arab (The state stud of Kuwait) and Ajmal Arabian Stud owned by Mr. Mohammed Marzouk, the owner of Ansata Hejazi, who has been very influential in the breeding program of Kuwait and seen in many of the horses and breeding programs here. Our host Klaus Beste made sure our visits to Ajmal and Bait Al Arab were something to remember.

Thank you to all the farms for taking time out of your busy schedule to show us your beautiful horses. If you ever want the experience of a lifetime, we suggest you visit Kuwait and the many fine breeders of Arabian horses here.  You will not regret it.

Time to get ready for Scottsdale 2010, it's right around the corner!

Stonewall Farm